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Complete Pair of Progressive Glasses
starting at only $41.90!

1,300+ progressive capable frames to choose from

Take advantage of our revolutionary FREE PerfectFit™ service to ensure proper vertical placement
of lenses (a feature unique to Visio-Rx, not available at any other eyeglasses retailer)

Upgrades to fully personalized designs and thinner lenses available at extremely low prices

Anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch layer and UV protection always included free of charge

Free faux leather hard case, microfiber cleaning cloth and 3-in-1 tool with every pair of glasses

More than 10 progressive designs available to ensure you have the perfect pair of glasses for any activity!

Find the Perfect Frame

Finding a frame that fits on the internet isn't always an easy task. A virtual mirror is very helpful in...

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Print Frame PDFs

We have created a printable PDF document for every single frame. You can download and....

Read more

Importance of Lens Height

PD alone cannot guarantee a perfect fit for your glasses. Vertical placement is just as crucial...

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