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Virtual Mirror
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What is the virtual mirror?

We developed the virtual mirror so people can try on their glasses before purchasing. All glasses will be resized in proportion to your face, so that you will really get a good idea of how each frame will look on you.

Why does the virtual mirror ask for my PD?

pupillary distance (pd)

PD is the distance between your pupils.

When you upload a picture to try on frames, you will be asked for your PD (pupillary distance). This measurement is the distance between your pupils when looking in the distance, and is necessary to be sure that your glasses are resized in proportion to your face.

If you don't know what your PD is, you can calculate it using our online PD meter. Instructions for the picture needed to measure your PD can be found here.

Just for trying on pictures, you could use an estimate. The average PD for men is 65, for women it's 62. If your eyes are fairly close set, subtract 3 or 4 mm from these averages. But keep in mind that  to order glasses, you will need an accurate PD measurement!

How do I open the virtual mirror?

There are several different ways of launching the virtual mirror.

virtual mirror menu

1. Go to the "My Corner" menu and selecting "Virtual Mirror", as shown in the picture above. Using this option will take you to the frame search page with the virtual mirror already launched in the top right.

launch virtual mirror button

2. At the top of your search results, you will see a gray "Launch Virtual Mirror" button.

frame search try on button

3. On the gallery page, buttons will appear as you hover over the frames. Pressing the Try On button will launch the virtual mirror and place these frames on your face. There are more "try on" buttons on the site, all of these buttons will do the same thing.


How can I try on frames?

Trying on frames is easy!

frame search try on button

On the search results page, buttons will appear as you hover over the frames. Press the Try On button to launch the virtual mirror, which will automatically place the frame on your face.

virtual mirror options menu

If you need to upload a picture of yourself, press the blue Options button, then select the Upload Picture from the options menu (as shown above)

You can press more Try On buttons to try on different frames; this will switch the frames on your face.

What are all the options for in the virtual mirror menu?

A short explanation of each button in the virtual mirror options menu:

virtual mirror options menu

  1. Upload Picture - Click here to upload your own picture for trying on frames.
  2. Save - This button will save your picture with the current frame. You can use saved pictures either to email it or for our unique voting function. 
  3. My Pictures - This will show you all the pictures you've uploaded for trying on frames, and the pictures you've saved with frames on.
  4. Change Picture - Clicking this button will bring up your uploaded pictures so you can try frames on using a different picture.
  5. Measure PD - This button will launch the PD measurement function. You will need a special picture to calculate your PD; instructions can be found here.
  6. Favorite Frames - This will show you all the frames you've added to your favorites. Simply click each frame to try it on.
  7. Visio Gallery - Click here to use one of our pre-stocked pictures for trying on frames.
  8. Share - This will open up a menu with sharing options, such as sharing the current picture via email, sending multiple pictures via email, or asking your friends to vote.
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What is the warranty on my new glasses?

All glasses come with a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty against workmanship and material defects, unless otherwise stated. Any more

How do I read my prescription?

If your eyes were measured by a licensed optometrist or optician, they are required by law to provide you a complete written more

How do I choose the perfect frame?

We’ve drummed up several bits of information to help you choose the perfect frame.

First, learn to identify your more

Virtual mirror