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Help, my glasses don't fit right!

Select the problem with your frame from this list (links will take you to a video page with solutions):

Watch all our videos here.

My lens fell out of my frame. What now?

As long as you have a full rim or semi rimless frame, this can be fixed in the comfort of your own home. If your lens became detached from your rimless frame, you should ask an optician for help.

Watch these videos to learn how to put your lens back into your frame:


Re-inserting the lens into a semi-rimless frame.


Re-inserting the lens into a full rim acetate, TR-90 or plastic frame.

My acetate frame snapped in half. Can I fix it?

You can "glue" your frame back together using extreme care and a bottle of acetone, but please be aware that your frame may never fit the same again. The method depicted will ONLY work for acetate frames, and not for metal, plastic or TR-90 frames.

Watch this video for detailed instructions:

How can I replace my nose pads?

Replacing nose pads is not hard at all. Grab your 3-in-1 tool that came with your glasses and your spare nose pads, and watch this video:

More nose pad related videos here.

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How do I choose the perfect frame?

We’ve drummed up several bits of information to help you choose the perfect frame.

First, learn to identify your more

How much is shipping & handling?

For USA customers, the cost of shipping is $4.90 for your entire order. Your order will be sent to our office in Mattawan, MI more

What is included in the advertised price?

Every frame has the following things included in the price:

Standard index lenses (upgrades are very reasonably priced) more
Virtual mirror