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BE002 - no email address

BE002 - no email address

We have customers who do not have emails (our stylists use their own Visio-Rx accounts for such customers).

We now want to create an account with an email.

If button ‘No email’ is clicked on Quickform (1-page order entry):

  • Place value in the email field, as follows:
    • Stylist-number.Name.LastName@shop url
    • Example:
    • We can still manually change the email if we want (before saving/creating new account).
    • We will have a field ‘alternative email’:
      • Copy ‘alternative stylist email’ from stylist account to customer account ‘alternative customer email’.
      • If ‘alternative stylist email’ from stylist account has no value: use ‘email’ field in stylist account (+ show message in red “no alternative stylist email in stylist account” next to email filed on this form)
      • Save

Add 3 fields in customer info:

    1. Alternative stylist email: For stylist: possibility to enter a different email address to receive customer emails
    2. Alternative customer email:
    • For customers who have the Stylist-number.Name.LastName@shop url
    • Send to: contains the ‘alternative email address' of their stylist

    Functionality for emails:

    • Before sending automatic email (orders, accounts, etc.):
      • Does ‘Alternative customer email’ contain a valid email address?
      • If yes: send email to ‘Alternative customer email’ (i.e. the email goes to the stylist)
      • If no: send email to address in ‘Email’ field

    Explanation: stylists will have a separate email address where they will receive all communication for their customers who do not have their own email addresses (these people do exist!).

    The stylists then print these orders and mail to the customers.

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