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Your 20 reasons
to shop Visio-Rx for eyewear:

  • Glasses from $12.90.

    Quality Guaranteed.

  • All Coatings Included.

    Standard Lenses Included.

  • One Year Warranty.

    Lowest Price Guarantee.

  • Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

    Choice of Hard Case.

  • Free 3-in-1 Tool Included.

    Fixed S&H Per Order.

  • State of the Art Virtual Mirror.

    3D Lens Viewer.

  • Tons of Videos.

    View Frames in 360°.

  • Facebook Voting Module.

    Frames Pre-Adjusted to Your Face.

  • Huge, Fashionable Selection.

    Free & Accurate PD Measurement.

  • Many Progressive Designs.

    100+ Articles.

full product

Get a full pair of glasses starting at $12.90: frame, standard lenses and all coatings, plus a cleaning cloth, hard case and a repair tool - all of your choice.

Frames vary in price, depending on type of material and style. Lens upgrades are available, and are very reasonably priced. 

Please note that for (semi-) rimless frames, we recommend a lens upgrade.

All our frames and lenses are held to rigorous standards, so you need not worry. Our glasses are the same quality that you expect from a store or optician.

Quality and safety are important, so we ensure that all our products comply with the applicable FDA and CE standards. 

ce fda

cristilineAll our lenses come with our complete package of Cristiline® Armorcoat Advanced coating.

This includes:

  • Hard coat protection
  • UV protection
  • EMI protection
  • Anti-reflection treatment
  • Basic hydrophobic effect

lensesAll frames include a FREE choice of either 1.5 or 1.57 index lenses (depending on availability).

Lens upgrades are available and very reasonably priced. 

If you are not satisfied with your glasses for any reason, we’ll give you a 100% refund for the frame and standard lenses within 7 days. We would like to mention that lens upgrades are subject to a reasonable restocking fee.

warrantyAs far as warranty goes, your glasses (frame AND lenses) are protected against manufacturer defects for 1 full year. 

low price guaranteeIf you find the same brand frame and lenses at a lower price anywhere else, we will pay you 125% of the difference. 

Your choice: We offer you a choice between 4 different colors of cleaning cloths, at no extra cost to you.

For a small fee, you can choose a patterned cloth, or upload a picture to create a completely unique cloth for you. 


We believe in giving the customer choice. Upon check out, you will be able to choose your hard case from a variety of colors and materials, at no extra charge.

We also offer stylish upgrades for a small fee, but the decision is entirely yours! 


Changing nose pads is made easy with the inclusion of the useful 3-in-1 tool. And in the rare event that you need to reattach something to your glasses, you will find this tool very handy.

The tool comes in 3 spectacular colors – choose the one you like at no additional cost. 


uspsShipping and handling is a fixed amount of $4.90 per order, no matter how many frames you order. 

try on

Buying glasses online is made much more convenient through virtual mirror technology: trying on frames, calculating your PD and storing your pictures are easy using our Virtual Mirror.

Our virtual mirror is the best in the world. Frames are automatically sized in proportion to your face.

Have you ever felt frustrated at other websites or stores which mention only lens indexes? It’s hard to make decisions about what kind of lenses you want if you can’t visualize anything.

Our unique 3D Lens Viewer shows the real thickness of lenses in your chosen frame (based on your prescription), and compares them side by side.

An advanced application, made possible by the high-end software used in our lab; something you are highly unlikely to find anywhere else. 

3d lens viewer

For the visual learners among us, we have transformed a lot of information into short and easy to understand videos. Simply click on the video to launch, or go to the Our Videos section under the Discover menu. 


Why try to guess what a frame actually looks like from just 1 vague picture, when you can look at it from all angles using our advanced 3D Frame Viewer.

frame viewer

fb iconDid you find a few frames you love and just cannot make a decision? Asking your friends and family for their opinion is easy with our Facebook Voting feature!

Simply save your pictures in the Virtual Mirror and send a link through Facebook or email. 

A unique and fun service you're unlikely to see elsewhere (kudos to our creative programmers!).

custom fit

Ever felt a little uneasy about ordering your glasses online, particularly about the fit of the frame? Our lab technicians are trained to assist.

Simply upload a couple of pictures during the check out process, and they will pre-adjust your frame to your face, ensuring you a comfortable fit. 

We have more than 1700 fashionable frames to choose from, compared to an average of 750 in shops. How's that for choice?

Nerdy, trendy, classic, retro: you name it, we've got it.



Opticians often won't give you your PD (guess why not)? Using our online tool, you can easily obtain a free, accurate PD measurement. Just go to "Measure My PD" under the Support menu, and with a simple picture and a few clicks you can calculate your PD.

This unique service now makes you fully independent of the optician, so you can order your glasses online with peace of mind.

Offering only one type of progressive lens is like a shoe store offering only one kind of shoe. Different environments and activities require customized vision, and our range in progressive lens designs reflects that.

All our Visiero® progressive designs are of the latest freeform (back surface) technology. Fully personalized lenses, which are unique to your frame and prescription, are also available.

And, most importantly, all progressive lenses cost a fraction of what you would pay at a shop. 


articles Our 100+ articles about almost any vision topic imaginable will satisfy even the most curious person. 

Have you ever wondered why glasses are so expensive at optical stores? This video portrays the supply chain that leads up to the consumer, and shows you why Visio-Rx can offer you the same quality glasses with an average savings of 82%.

Have you ever walked into a store to buy glasses with an excellent promotion, only to walk out having spent much, much more than you originally intended? This video depicts a few scenarios that may occur, along with an explanation as to why you wind up spending much more on your frame and lenses than planned.

Why is it that we change our clothes for numerous occasions, but always wear the same glasses? One pair of shoes isn't enough... Neither is one pair of glasses. We believe that owning multiple pairs of glasses shouldn't leave you broke. Go ahead, give us a try!

Not all glasses are created equally. When you need glasses for sports use or for children, it is highly recommended to get glasses that have superb shatter resistance properties. Not all materials have these properties; watch the video to find out more.

Progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, are multifocal lenses that don't have the obvious dividing line that bifocals and trifocals have. Progressive lenses are typically used by people over the age of 40, because around that age people notice that they need a little bit of extra power to be able to read more clearly. This video provides more details about progressive lenses.

Adnuo® Optimo lenses are ideal for people with plus prescriptions. These lenses are tailor-made to your prescription and chosen frame, at an extremely affordable price. Because the lenses are made specifically for you, they will wind up being the thinnest lens possible, eliminating bulging lenses and thick edges.

Buying glasses made easy with videos for you:

  • Can't get enough? Click here for more videos!

Start finding your new prescription glasses:

Base your search on the price of the frame.

Simply move the sliders to your preferred range (or click a price box) and the search will update automatically.


  • $15
  • $20
  • $30
  • $40
Search for frames that will accomodate your prescription.

Frames for bifocals and progressive lenses need to be a certain height in order to fit the extra reading part into the lens.

Simply select a radio button and the search will update itself.

Prescription Type

  • Single Vision
  • Bifocal
  • Progressive
Search for frames based on gender: men, women, or youth/children.

Check the box(es) next to your selection(s) and our search will automatically update.


  • Men
  • Women
  • Youth/Children
Select which style of glasses you want to see: full rim, semi rimless or rimless.

Simply check the box(es) next to the style(s) you want to see. The search will update automatically.


  • Full RimFull Rim
  • RimlessRimless
  • Semi RimlessSemi Rimless
Check "Yes" to browse our collection of sports goggles.

Sports goggles are specifically manufactured to be impact resistant and shatter proof, and most styles have elastic bands that secure the glasses tightly to your head. We highly recommend these frames to athletes.

Sports Goggles

  • Yes
Use this to display our collection of specialized sunglasses.

Magnetic sunshades are regular glasses that come with a polarized sunglass clip, which attaches to the frame with magnets.

Sports sunglasses have an attachment for prescription lenses behind the sunglass lens, and are made for intense sports use.

Specialized Shades

  • Magnetic sunshades
  • Sports sunglasses
Search the collection based on the shape of the lenses in the frame.

Tick the box(es) next to the shape(s) you prefer, and the search will automatically update.


  • RectangleRectangle
  • OvalOval
  • AviatorAviator
  • wayfarerWayfarer
  • Cat EyeCat Eye
  • RoundRound
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  • who

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  • history

  • pd rent

  • frame print

  • 3d lens

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Passion and specialism are second nature

for us at Visio-Rx. This is not "just" an

online optical shop, but rather a team of

specialists on an eyewear mission.

An almost obsessive focus on enthusiastic

service is what drives us; aiming for

knowledgeable advice and great glasses

- at wonderful prices to boot.

Visio-Rx takes buying eyewear online to

an advanced level. Obviously, we want

our customers to be satisfied, but rather

we'd like for you to be in awe.